18 September 2013 – New Mentoring Scheme website launched

The Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme now has its own website with detailed information on mentoring, how the scheme works and how you can get involved. The website launch coincides with the new school term and the introduction of the mentoring programme into two new schools in Stratford and Somerset. These are exciting times for all at The Men’s Room and Bridge Builders, as we work together to bridge the gap between a less advantaged start in life and achieving personal and career success for young men.

8 August 2013 – Private school pupils keep university advantage

Record numbers of pupils from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds have applied to university this year, but the gap between the achievement of different social classes remains. According to data published by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), 64% of privately educated students get into the most selective universities, compared to only 24% of state educated students. Lack of achievement at school and a lack of advice on A level subject choices are blamed for holding the poorest pupils back.

22 July 2013 – Black teens more likely than whites to apply to university

New figures released by Ucas show that, despite an upward trend in the number of university applicants, there are still some big divides caused by social background, gender, ethnicity and geographic location. The head of University UK, Nicola Dandridge, says these figures raise new questions about why young white men from disadvantaged backgrounds are increasingly unlikely to apply to university. The figures report that pupils on free school meals are only half as likely to apply to university.

20 June 2013 – “Invisible” poor children let down by schools, says Oftsed head

An Oftsed report published today finds that only 37% of pupils on free school meals achieve good maths and English GCSEs, in comparison to 63% of the rest of pupils. Ofsted head Sir Michael Wilshaw makes recommendations aimed at closing the achievement gap between the rich and the poor, emphasizing the role of the pupil premium, set to rise to £900 in September.

18 June 2013 – Top Universities ‘have become less representative’

A new Social Mobility Commission Report has found that the proportion of students represented at the top 24 “Russell Group” universities has fallen. Russell Group director general, Wendy Piatt, says; “Ultimately, too few students from state schools get the right grades in the right subjects and even those who do are less likely to apply for leading universities.”

May 2013 – Harder GCSE will not bring better results

Prof Jo-Anne Baird, Said: “I think this highlights a need for better educational provision for low-achieving students who, according to the reports examined, are often from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.”


stratford logo** Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme wins tender to deliver its services in Stratford Upon Avon!**

The Men’s Room is delighted to announce its success in winning a tender with Stratford Upon Avon Town Trust to begin working with males in the area through our Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme. We expect work to begin in the area very soon.


April 2013 – University On The Rise

More students in higher education from deprived backgrounds, and a general rise in pupils applying for university. Is it all good news?

March 2013 – Most schools have reduced careers advice

During a time of record youth unemployment, can schools and students alike afford not to have career advice?

February 2013Have young people never had it so bad?

Rising wages and low house prices helped the baby boom generation to prosper. Today’s young face high unemployment, expensive education, and a lifetime of renting. Have they never had it so bad?

January 2013 – Young ‘cannot cope with daily life’

One in 10 young people feel they cannot cope with day-to-day life – with those not in work, education or training more than twice as likely to feel this way – according to a Prince’s Trust survey.

December 2012 – University applications down by 8%

The latest university application figures have fallen by 8% compared with the same point last year – and are the lowest for at least six years.

November 2012 – Separated fathers to gain legal right to see children

Separated fathers are to gain the legal right to spend time with their children unless they are likely to harm them. The changes to access laws – scheduled for implementation in 2013- were announced in a letter to MPs from the Children’s Minister Edward Timpson.

October 2012- Young children’s ambitions ‘hint at emotional strength’

Big career plans in children may hint at greater strength and resilience in the long term, a study by London University’s Institute of Education suggests.

September 2012- Cash boost for disadvantaged school children

The UK’s most disadvantaged pupils are to benefit when the Pupil Premium rises to £900 per pupil next year – around 50 per cent higher than last year.

August 2012 – Rise in male suicides blamed on impact of recession

A report in the British Medical Journal indicates that male suicides increased by 3.6% as joblessness rose 25%, with unemployment linked to 1,000 deaths from 2008-10

July 2012 – Colleges failing to find job seekers work

Colleges in England are failing to put job seekers on courses that will help them find work according to Ofsted.

May 2012 – Professions must be open to all backgrounds

Professions such as law, journalism and medicine must do more to widen their intake according to the governments social mobility advisor.

April 2012 – Colleges failing on employability

University career services have never been more important but they are not as great as they think say recent graduates.

November 2011 – Young jobless ‘Neets’ reach record level

The BBC reports that the number of young people not in education, training or work has risen to a record level in England.

October 2011 – Increased number of children in care

The BBC reports on the increasing number of children in care during the past year.

August 2011 – Young people give views on finding jobs

At the start of the summer, nearly one million 16 to 24-year-olds in England were out of a job, not in education, nor were in training. In this BBC article, young people give an account of their experiences.

August 2011 – ‘Neet’ youths figure at second quarter high

The BBC reports on the official figures that suggest that the proportion of 18 to 24-year-olds in England not in employment, education or training (Neet) has risen to 18.4%.

July 2011 – New initiative will help more than 3000 NI ‘Neets’

The BBC explores a new initiative will help over 3,000 young people in Northern Ireland not in employment, education or training (Neet) over the next three years.

18 July 2011 Just one in ten fathers to take full paternity leave

The Telegraph’s Louisa Peacock explores survey findings that state that ‘just one in ten men would take more than two weeks off work to look after their newborn babies’.

21 June 2011 – Sentencing reforms: Will they work?

The BBC explores the coalition government’s plan for the justice system, now that the planned ‘50% sentence discount’ has been removed.

21 June 2011 – One in six young offenders are back in jail in a month

Chief Inspector of prisons Nick Hardwick says that ‘just one in three offenders have accommodation, education, training or an employment placement on their release.

May 2011 – Why fathers have post natal depression

A man has been acquitted of murdering his six-month-old daughter, after saying he had had post-natal depression. The case of Mark Bruton-Young has put the issue of men who struggle to cope with becoming fathers in the headlines and is explored here by Phillipa Roxby.

12 May 2011 – Prisons ‘not working’ and need reform

A BBC video report of Justice Secretary Ken Clarke claiming policy changes can lead to there being ‘3,000 fewer people in jail by 2014.’

21 May 2011 – Naming rape suspects ruins lives

Minette Marrin of The Sunday Times says ‘a false allegation of rape can ruin a man’s life’ and that ‘rape is notoriously difficult to prove.’

February 2011 – Rise in youths out of work and education in England

The proportion of 16-24-year-olds not in employment, education or training in England at the end of 2010 was up on previous years, official figures show.

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