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8 December 2009 – Alesha Dixon on growing up with an absent father

Alesha Dixon writes for the BBC – ‘I grew up with my mother and an extended family of half-siblings and step-siblings when all I really wanted was what I call the 2.4 family.

12 July 2009 – Men are sexy, smart and good for women

Minette Marrin of The Sunday Times revisits her question from 25 November 2007 – ‘Are men really necessary’.

3 August 2008 – Depressed, repressed, objectified – are men the new women?

The Observer reporter Elizabeth Day explores modern masculinity in the UK, where ‘men account for 75% of all suicides’.

23 July 2008 – Drug for deadly prostate cancer

The BBC reports that scientists have developed a new drug that will help reduce the 10,000 deaths from prostate cancer every year.

30 May 2008 – Men’s Health Forum

Men’s Health Week takes place 9-15 June, this year focusing on men and work – although The Men’s Health Forum do encourage ‘a diverse range of related activity.’

25 May 2008 – Iain Duncan Smith: Men are being erased from family life

Iain Duncan Smith writes for The Sunday Times – The ‘decision that a father figure is not essential for fertility treatment is symptomatic of how men are being erased from family life.’

20 May 2008 – MPs reject ‘need for father’ in IVF bill

The Guardian’s Nicholas Watt reports that legislation recognising ‘the “need for a father” will be amended to call simply for “supportive parenting”.’

2 April 2008 – Diversity and Youth Crime

David Burrowes, Conservative Shadow Justice Minister says ‘Over 75% of young offenders are re-convicted after leaving YOIs. It is national disgrace that closer to 100% reoffend.’

25 November 2007 – Are men really necessary? Good question

Minette Marrin of The Sunday Times analyses masculinity and parental roles – ‘for nearly 30 years we have seen a subtle but increasing onslaught against masculinity.’

30 September 2007 – Prostate cancer – brace yourself

Jonathan Margolis writes in The Sunday Times about checking for prostate cancer – ‘it kills 10,000 British men a year, almost all of whom could be saved’.

9 August 2007 – REACH report launch

The Mens Room is delighted to announce the launch of the REACH report – REACH Chair and The Mens Room founder Clive Lewis says ‘We need to create a new culture’.

9 August 2007 – Call for black role models scheme

The BBC highlights the REACH panel’s recommendation that black youths need a ‘greater diversity of images and protrayals’ – rather than celebrities and rappers.

31 July 2007 – The Mens Room launches Leadership Training

The much anticipated Emerging Leaders Programme launches – designed to develop future leaders with topics such as people and change management, finance and politics.

31 March 2007 – Mentoring ex-offenders launch

Supported by Caring For Ex-Offenders, The Mens Room has launched a national initiative to work with prisons all over the country to offer support to offenders.

18 February 2007 – We can disarm the gun gangs

Reverend Nims Obunge – chief executive of the Peace Alliance – explores the problems and possible solutions to gun crime.

31 October 2006 – Clive Lewis talks to young black men in Manchester

The Mens Room founder is currently chair of the Government’s REACH group – developing recommendations for practical solutions to ‘issues facing young black men’.

16 September 2006 – Nigel Benn speaks at The Mens Room conference

Almost 1,000 men attended a one day The Mens Room conference – receiving valuable advice and hearing the former boxer Nigel Benn speak about his life experiences.

23 July 2006 – Failure to launch

In The Sunday Times Nigel Dawson explains the ‘emotionally debilitating experience’ of infertility and exploring the alternative options for parenting.

16 July 2006 – The hoodie needs a daddy, not a hug

World Fathers Union features a Sunday Times article by Jill Kirby, which explores gaps in Conservative leader David Cameron’s ‘hug a hoodie’ argument.

18 June 2006 – My heart belongs to daddy

The Sunday Times features Ayesha Hudson’s experience of ‘growing up with an absent father’, as well as expert advice from author Oliver James.

11 June 2006 – The good news about boys – they do eventually grow up

Will Hutton of The Observer marks National Men’s Health Week by exploring ‘the emotional turmoil of teenage boys’ with a variety of viewpoints.

11 June 2006 – Is being a good dad ruining your career?

The Observer features ‘new dad Rafael Behr on the struggle to juggle career with fatherhood’ – ‘79% of fathers wish they could spend more time with their children.’

8 April 2006 – The Mens Room is delighted to announce Michael Hastings as its new patron

Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE is Head of the BBC’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department and has extensive experience in race relations and policy.

20 March 2006 – Clive Lewis from The Mens Room elected to chair Home Office panel

The REACH project has elected The Mens Room founder Clive Lewis to chair the panel – ‘I’m delighted to have the opportunity to chair such a groundbreaking project.’

22 February 2006 – What is the future for this black boy?

Clive Lewis OBE of The Mens Room writes about a troubling encounter that raises questions about modern day parenting.

15 February 2006 – The Mens Room working with The Home Office

The Mens Room is delighted to be invited by the Home Office to join experts on a new project – ‘REACH: Enabling black boys to achieve their potential’.

5 January 2006 – DNA of 37% of black men held by police

The Guardian’s science correspondent James Randerson reveals ‘nearly four in 10 black men in the UK’ are listed, ‘compared with fewer than one in 10 white men’

22 December 2005 – More convicts reoffend after release from jail

The Times’ home correspondent Richard Ford explores research stating that ‘67% of adults released from prison in the first quarter of 2002 had been reconvicted within two years.’

2 September 2005 – Young black fathers tell the truth about their struggle

The Fatherhood Institute publishes Black Britain Magazine’s exploration of disillusionment, expectations, animosity, custody and essential support.

1 April 2005 – Policy should support fathers in young-parent-families

The Fatherhood Institute refers to recent publications to highlight statistics including that for parents under 17, ‘only 2% of dads were involved with the child nine months after the birth’.

25 March 2005 – Finding Black Fathers in Families

The Fatherhood Institute refers to US research to explore the issues that face British Black dads, comparing those that live in the family home and those that do not.

23 February 2005 – Report on young black men as victims of crime

‘The Criminal Justice System Race Unit and Victims and Confidence Unit report that ‘services for victims of crime’ should be ‘more accessible to young black men’.

1 January 2004 – Fathers’ involvement with their secondary-school-aged children

Elaine Walsh, Ann Buchanan, Eirini Flouri and Jane Lewis from Oxford University survey over 2,000 children and their parents.

30 April 1996 – What are fathers for?

Michael Lamb speaks at the IPPR Conference ‘Men and their Children’ about the ‘different roles and functions’ a modern day father can have.

24 October 1993 – The ugly face of misandry

Minette Marrin explores the dislike of men and how it has ‘muddied the waters of the current debate about rape and date-rape, and led to so much wilful misunderstanding.’

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