Health, crime, home life, leadership, fatherhood and social mobility – all can present problems that stop you from achieving your potential. The Mens Room is here to help you with challenges like these that stand in your way.

We run a range of successful programmes you might be interested in. Alternatively we can discuss with you exactly what you need.

Crime Reduction

Involving yourself in criminal activity can have serious or even fatal consequences – but it doesn’t have to be a mistake you can’t overcome.


It’s difficult for any father to maintain employment, relationships, health and happiness while striving to be a responsible parent. We can help.


There are many barriers in the way of a healthy lifestyle, but The Mens Room can help you to change habits or make the best out of your situation.

Home Life

Life at home is never smooth all of the time – or smooth at all – but there is always a different approach you can take to improve the way things are.


Have you ever wondered if you could be a leader? Whether in education, employment, at home or in activities, The Mens Room can guide you.

Sex Education

Underage, irresponsible, dangerous, confused, infected, disappointing – there are many sexual issues in the world. If you have experienced any of them we can help.

Social Mobility

The only limits to how far you can go in life are your abilities and your determination – we can help you overcome your background and any other issues.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.