Men’s health is unnecessarily poor. 40% of men still die prematurely (before the age of 75). Male death rates are also significantly affected by social deprivation. Men who are defined as unskilled have a life expectancy of less than 73 years, or seven years less than professional men. In certain communities acrossEnglandlife expectancy is as short as 65 years.

Why is it important to focus on men’s health?

  • A man can expect to be seriously or chronically ill for 14 years of his life
  • Men visit their GP 20% less frequently than women and are also much less likely to use pharmacy, smoking cessation, weight management and other heath trainer services
  • Circulatory diseases kill more men than any other disease and the rate is over 50% higher than for women
  • Men are 60% more likely to develop cancer and are 70% more likely to die from the disease
  • The number of new cases of prostate cancer has climbed to over 34,000 a year
  • 75% of people who kill themselves are men
  • One in eight men is dependent on alcohol and men are three times more likely to become dependent on alcohol
  • By 2015, 36% of men will be obese

The Men’s Room vision is to help create a future in which all boys and men inEnglandhave the opportunity to attain the highest possible level of health and well-being. To achieve this, we work across areas such as physical activity, cancer awareness, workplace health, mental health and access to primary care.

Our work particularly focuses on those groups of men with the worst health and we are striving to ensure that we take account of the diversity of men and their needs.

Our network includes a number of GP’s who help to keep the health of the men in our network on track.