Anger Management



Anger is a normal healthy emotion. According to Celia Richardson of the Mental Health Foundation “It is the one that tells us we need to take action to put something right” but when it gets out of control it can turn destructive leading to problems at work, at home and in your personal relationships affecting the overall quality of your life.

The aim of the course

This course aims to help young men who struggle with controlling their anger. It will enable them to understand more about their emotions (especially anger) and how to express them in a positive way.

Course Content:

  • Explore and understand the causes of your anger
  • Teach you how to respond in a non aggressive way to these causes
  • How to stop your anger affecting you emotionally and physically
  • To identify short term techniques to help control your anger
  • To develop a plan to help deal with your anger long term
  • Learning the difference between assertion and aggression

Who should attend?

This course is designed for young men who struggle with managing their anger or aggression. This could include those who:

  • Find themselves involved in fights
  • Find themselves frequently involved in arguments
  • Find themselves easily losing their temper
  • Find themselves in regular altercations with their spouse or partner
  • Threaten violence to people or property


This course is available as an in-house course only and to mentees part of the Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme.