Managing Violence and Aggression



Civita’s Crime Survey reports that during 2009/2010 there were a total of 38,744 proven acts of violence against a person. Young men are surrounded by violence and aggression whether it is in their communities with other young men, in the media through video games and television, at work or even in their own homes.

Aim of the course

This course will enable young men to understand more about violent and abusive incidents, and help build and develop the existing strengths of delegates to better deal with it. This course will cover breakaway techniques and how to deal with various forms of physical and verbal abuse.


  • Explore and have an understanding of abusive, violent and aggressive behaviour
  • Identify and put into practice a variety of techniques that will de-escalate violent, aggressive and abusive behaviours
  • To demonstrate and provide opportunity to practise breakaway techniques
  • Develop assertiveness and communication skills required to manage potential abusive, violent and aggressive situations
  • To develop a kit bag of ideas and strategies to take back your community and everyday life

Who should attend?

This course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of young men from poor socio economic backgrounds who are likely to face violence and aggression in their everyday lives.


This course is available as an in-house course only and to mentees part of the Bridge Builders Mentoring Scheme.